65k Donors and I'll tell the DNC to FUCK THEMSELVES. Support this campaign which I have no expectation of suceeding, by sending your info (address, etc) and an IOU of one penny to: Rod (Roderick)Webber/ Fuck The DNC via FtheDNCorg@Gmail.com If the DNC says no, I will refund your penny. Please share with absurdity enthusiasts, groups and fans everywhere!

If things take off, there will be bumperstickers. If they don't let me on the stage, money will go toward a celebration of giant inflatable DNC dicks or whatever is affordable and other fun stuff throughout campaign! This was your dream since 2016. Make it real!

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For a penny, I will tell the DNC to go fuck themselves. They need to get the message that what happened in 2016 is not acceptable. It wasn’t just that Donna Brazile rigged the debate against Bernie—From the start, Clinton wanted to elevate fringe candidates like Donald Trump using "The Pied Piper Strategy.” The DNC wildly violated its own charter rules, and proclaimed they could pick whoever they wanted in “a smoke-filled back room,” as the Jared Beck lawsuit got them to admit. 

The leaked emails showed that the DNC considered denying a Bernie delegate admittance to an event because she supported Bernie. The DNC wanted to reduce polling locations in Rhode Island because it would give Bernie an advantage. There was a possible joint DNC / Washington Post fundraiser planned. A DNC staffer pitched an anti-Bernie story to the communications director. In April of 2016, the DNC planned to shut down the Bernie campaign altogether, complete with “thank you” notes and a transition to Clinton. Politico agreed to let the DNC review an article about Clinton before it came out. The DNC planned a fake Craigslist ad for women working for Trump. The DNC planned nastiness about Bernie being an atheist to hurt his chances. DNC referred to Bernie as bullshit. They celebrated the end of the Bernie lawsuit. And there’s plenty more-- but it's exhausting. 

Worst of all, they’ve given Trump an advantage with their Russia-phobia for two-plus years. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t be going after Trump, and he doesn’t have connections to Russia. I’ve got my own Federal lawsuit against Trump, which has been building for three years. That said, this Russia story has been 24-7 in the news cycle, completely ignoring issues like Interstate Cross-check, gerrymandering, voter suppression and hackable voting machines. An 11-year-old girl hacked one of these things at a convention recently, which I spoke to Tulsi Gabbard about in one of my latest videos— so they know this is going on, but no one is talking about it.

Aside from asking Tulsi to step-up reform of the corrupt DNC, I have recently challenged Cory Booker at a rally in NH. He gives zero fucks about progressive issues. I started by saying he gave a lot of talk about “blue no matter who.” He pretended not to know what that meant. He gave lip service to Native Peoples and Trans people in the military. I asked him why I never heard him talking about Standing Rock or Chelsea Manning who is locked up again... for no reason. Cory ducked and dodged. During his speech Cory spoke of the people who were beaten in Selma and how that moved him. I asked him why I never heard him talking about the Bernie supporters who were beaten with billy clubs at the DNC by DNC security police, because they refused to accept the Hillary coronation. Cory dodged that too. If you haven’t seen it— it’s the opening scene of my film “Flowers For Peace,” about the 2016 election.

I’m giving a lot of air-time to Bernie, but I want to be clear: Fuck the DNC. Fuck the RNC. Fuck the two-party duopoly. Turn off your propaganda-spewing television and wake-up.

Bernie gets air-time because he was the DNC’s main target… again, because the DNC are part of a plutocratic duopoly, run by corporate money. They’d rather see Trump as cheeto-in-chief than fuck up their system. There’s nothing scarier to them than the will of the people exceeding the influence of their wealth. That is how this corporatocracy works— and that’s why I’m asking for the absolute minimum amount. It’s the message, not the money.

To get me on the debate stage I need 65k donors. I'm only asking for one penny. 


Support this campaign by sending your info and IOU you of one penny to FtheDNCorg@gmail.com. I’m still working on getting the non-profit set-up. If the DNC says no, or denies me in some way, I will refund your penny. In the meantime, sharing this campaign sends a strong message to the DNC that they had better shape up.

Please share with friends and groups and I will hold their feet to the fire!


1. Fuck the DNC. They lied, they cheated, they broke their own rules. They fucked everything up, and they’re about to do it again. Reform the electoral system. Fuck the whole electoral system too. Bring back paper ballots. Get rid of Interstate cross-check and gerrymandering and rigable voting machines. Establish ranked choice voting. Members of any party who want to observe allowed to be stationed at all voting stations. Get money out of politics. If this isn't taken care of, none of the other problems will get fixed.

2. The US needs to put an end to any war that isn’t in self-defense, otherwise, fuck you. That money could be going to educate future innovators, and taking care of people living in the streets. If you’re not cool with that, then fuck you.

3. Take care of the homeless. It’s cheaper in the long-run. If you end the illegal wars, it shouldn’t be a problem. AI, AGI and robots are going to be taking away a lot of jobs, and theoretically make our lives better in the process. Stop being assholes.

4. Taxes are voluntary for anyone making less than $100k.

5. Healthcare for all.

6. Pay for college or trade-school. Once again, the end of shitty and nefarious immoral wars would more than pay for it. Money for school rec-centers to be opened nights and weekends to keep kids off the streets.

7. Reparations. If the US stops murdering people all over the globe in order to please their corporate masters, those 40 acres and a mule, (or the equivalent), could be taken care of. If you’re not down, then fuck you.

8. Break up corporate media. It’s brainwashing the nation. If you don’t understand that, you have been brainwashed.

9. Prosecute the bankers who have caused the financial crash. Any motherfuckers peddling predatory loans trying to get rich on human suffering, get kicked to the curb. Put them on trial. Prosecute them. No more presidents bailing out these fuckers like Obama did. Make that illegal too.

10. Prosecute and dismantle big companies who pollute.

11. Filming to be legal everywhere in public. Body cameras on all cops. Prosecute cops who break the law. No special treatment.

12. The US is supposed to be a country of laws. There needs to be a trial for 9-11. Prisoners have been held in Gitmo for close to two decades without so much as a hearing. You call that democracy? Fuck you.

13. The job of President is supposed to be the most powerful position in the world? The JFK assassination case needs to be re-opened and properly tried, complete with a defense for the accused, otherwise this isn’t a country of laws. Without a proper defense pushing back against the prosecution, the US is not a democracy or a republic, just a bunch of vicious monsters doing whatever the fuck they want.

14. Stop being assholes.


QUESTION: This kind of bullshit is the LAST thing we need right now with fucking Trump still in office. Bernie or Bust fools are complete losers.

WEBBER: I am not supporting Bernie. I’m shining a light on a broken system.

QUESTION: Of course you love Tulsi, another Russian agent.

WEBBER: I’ve been pretty critical of Tulsi, though not for your ridiculous reasoning.

QUESTION: But we just need everybody to vote Trump out of office.

WEBBER: If one believes in the system at all, voting Trump out of office will require understanding the will of the electorate. Having covered Trump since 2015, going to hundreds of rallies, I was predicting early-on a Trump win, (in May of 2016.) I am doing my best to highlight some of the shortcomings which lead to that win. I have a federal lawsuit against Trump which has been building for three years. I think I know a thing or two about the topic-- and if anyone wants to beat Trump at the ballot box, they might want to consider some of the things on which I am trying to shine a light.

QUESTION: Why does this matter?

WEBBER: Someone has to say it.