Some call me Flowerman, some call me Rod Webber. Either way, I am here for you.

We are on the precipice of a great new era of growth and transformation. For the past century we have been in the throes of teenage growing pains— going from an agricultural society to an industrial society, hungry for natural resources and raw materials to fuel our growth-- a growth that has increasingly put us at war-- largely for the purpose of drilling oil from the ground.

But now we must prepare ourselves to make the transformation from an industrial / war based society born of fossil fuels, to a conscientious society based on new earth-friendly technologies which will usher in a new golden Age of Enlightenment of prosperity and growth. Like all growth and transformation, it will be painful at first. There will be resistance. There will be protests in the street. The power elite will pit the working classes against each other using social issues as wedges in order to maintain their violent stranglehold on their dying way of life.


But this transformation is upon us, whether the powerful like it or not. The earth cannot much longer sustain the abuses we put her through. Our bridges and infrastructure are collapsing-- and if we are to rebuild America, and bring her into the shining new land of prosperity, we must embrace renewable energy and alternative sources of biodegradable materials such as hemp and soy. We must harness the wind and the sea.

As it says in Genesis, we are to be Stewards of the earth -- and rather than pollute it, as fracking is know to do, and as oil spills are known to do, we can fuel our vehicles on water, as the Navy is preparing to do. If it is good for the military-- then surely we should incentivize these new revolutionary sources of energy to put those old ways behind- and herald in a new profitable era in which men women and children can spend more time improving their bodies, minds and spirits, rather than languish day to day in gridlock only to spend our lives in cubicles pushing paper to and fro while we grow more unhealthy and unhappy.

We must embrace transformation, and step into the future. Where eliminating our dependence on foreign oil will allow us to budget outreach. So that we can build houses and schools, rather than drop bombs and send Drone strikes. We must feed the poor as all major world religions advocate. Our growth and prosperity will be the world’s growth and prosperity. How a society (or in our case a superpower) treats the least of the world’s citizen’s is how history will judge us. Our generosity will make us great. I ask every American citizen to look into their heart and ask, how can we make the world better? This is how we will forge a new era of peace and prosperity.

I'm running for president. Start calling superdelegates. Call the DNC. That is how all of this works.



I am a peace activist known by many for for passing out flowers to both strangers and politicians, (from Bernie Sanders to John McCain), and praying with many of them at their events. I believe in social justice, and have attended rallies championing the environment, and have marched in St. Louis and Ferguson/ Jefferson City for Mike Brown, and believe in helping those in need.

However, on Oct. 12th, I was assaulted at the "No Labels Problem Solvers" convention by Donald Trump security, along with Manchester NH police department. I asked Mr. Trump at a Q&A if he would address my being roughed up at a Trump rally in Rochester, NH a couple weeks previous. For my efforts, I was grabbed from behind and thrown over a table, dragged, then thrown to the floor again. After being detained, then officially released, I was escorted from the property. I then approached police to press charges against the Trump staff and officers who assaulted me-- at which point I was arrested for "disorderly conduct" and "resisting arrest." Ironically, there is video of me offering the police a flower during this alleged "resisting arrest."

This is a first amendment issue. The freedom of speech is what I am fighting for. If Mr. Trump is afraid to answer-- and he responds with violence-- refusing to denounce the actions of his supporters (in Rochester) and his staff in Manchester, then this is what we can expect under a Trump presidency.

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